My Y5 teacher has asked us all to start writing a blog so I’ve chosen to write about my trumpet and me. Writing about seeing Alison Balsom in concert is my first ever post. Here goes…

With Alison BalsomMy Uncle Ollie is the Senior Technical Manager at the Royal Albert Hall (he’s in charge of things to do with the lighting) so, since the age of 5, I have been lucky enough to get free tickets to see lots of amazing shows. Since I was given Alison Balsom’s album ‘Caprice’ for my 8th birthday I’ve been keen to hear her and I’d definitely say the 2 year wait was worth it!

She played (from memory!) pieces from her new album ‘Paris’. I hadn’t realised that she would also be introducing each of the pieces herself, or that she would be joined by strings, organ and a jazz quartet. It was an amazing concert and she made her trumpet do some spectacular things. I’ve not really listened to any Debussy before but a couple of minutes into ‘Syrinx’, I turned to my Mum and whispered, “wow!”. Embarrassingly, my whisper was quite loud but I think everyone probably felt the same.

The three highlights of the concert for me were:

  1. Alison Balsom giving me a ‘shout out’!
  2. The whole concert
  3. Hearing Autumn Leaves played on a flugelhorn
Hard hats on to watch the 'get out' start.
Hard hats on to watch the ‘get out’ start.

MASSIVE thank you to Uncle Ollie for getting tickets for me (and E, a fellow trumpeter from Lewisham’s Saturday Music Centre) and for letting us hang around for the start of the ‘get out’ at the end. I definitely feel inspired by hearing Alison Balsom play, would love to be a trumpeter when I’m older and I’d like to learn to play Autumn Leaves on the flugelhorn. Oh, and she had cool shoes too.


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  1. You’re so lucky to have an Uncle who can get you tickets! I’m very jealous. When I was your age my parents took us to lots of live theatre and music – it’s such a great thing to do. My sister is now an excellent musician and I’m an actor so who knows where you’ll be in the future (you’re also a very good writer as well as a musician!)

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    1. Thanks Sally. You’re right; I’m incredibly lucky to be able to get free tickets to performances. I’d actually quite like to do your Singalong Sally job when I’m older (but I’d have to be Singalong Hattie!).


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