Trying out new trumpets
Trying out new trumpets

On the advice of my teacher, a few days after taking my G4 exam (you can read about that in my post from 24th March) I travelled up to Phil Parker‘s brass shop in Camden. I tried out a few different trumpets but I fell in love with the B&S 3137s as soon as I played it. The staff were incredibly helpful, even letting me use one of the practice studios because the upstairs rooms were busy. I’d definitely recommend Parker to anyone looking to buy brass instruments.

The other trumpets I tried were:

YaGmaha YTR5335
Yamaha YTR5335
Bach VBS1L
Bach VBS1L
B&S Challenger 3137L
B&S Challenger 3137L

5 thoughts on “6

    1. There were a couple of particular features I liked… the valve action is really responsive (because the valve bumpers are rubber instead of felt therefore they react more quickly), I prefer silver trumpets and when I had a go at playing high notes, I needed less force to make a good sound.


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