My Mum has said I should blog about the Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme (AIP) because it’s something that isn’t easy to find out about but can save parents hundreds of pounds! It’s not a very exciting topic to write about so I’ve linked to a video about it instead. To use the AIP there are criteria that have to be met. These are:

  • The student must be in full time education at a LA school or academy.
  • The student must be receiving music tuition at the school/Music Centre.
  • The instrument must be appropriate for the student’s needs.
  • The instrument must be portable.
  • The instrument must change hands on educational premises

Even though it was the Easter holiday when we applied for the AIP, Emily of Lewisham Music Hub worked incredibly quickly and my new trumpet arrived in no time*.


Need to send a parcel? I wouldn't recommend this company!
Need to send a parcel?
I wouldn’t recommend this company!

*No thanks to the parcel company who delivered my trumpet….to behind the dustbin. And forged a signature!?! Luckily, the staff at Phil Parker were quick to get to the bottom of that so other customers needn’t worry


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