During the May half-term we often go up to Yorkshire to visit friends in Todmorden and Hebden Bridge. This year, our visit coincided with the Whit Friday brass bands contest so we decided to pop along to Greenfield to hear what was on offer.

Getting to Greenfield from Todmorden made for an interesting journey as it seemed as though every road we tried to turn down, had just been blocked off in spite of us having checked the road closure times. After bumping along a track that was so high up that the cars and buildings below looked like tiny dots, we found ourselves trapped behind yet another barrier! Luckily for us, Andrew managed to sweet-talk a steward into letting us sneak through between bands.

Once we arrived at Greenfield we parked in the Tesco car park, bought some fruit and headed towards Chew Valley Road and the cricket ground. Walking up the road it was clear that brass bands and their fans weren’t put off by the rain; there were lots of bands’ names chalked up on the registration board outside the Conservative Club.

Flat Stanley on Whit FridayYou may be wondering why my only photo from Whit Friday features Flat Stanley… my nearly 6-year-old sister was doing a project about Flat Stanley for school. This meant that her Flat Stanley had the pleasure of coming along to Greenfield with us (he probably enjoyed it more than the day he watched a lorry load of topsoil being delivered!).

All the bands we heard were impressive but my favourite was probably the Dobcross Youth Band, especially the stunning cornet solo. It was interesting to see that there were no trumpets in any of the participating bands and that the youngest players didn’t look much older than my sister! It was a great way to spend an evening and made me wish that I could join a marching band.

A few days after the Whit Friday brass bands contest, Helen Pidd wrote about the contest in The Guardian. Her photos don’t include Flat Stanley.


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