Today I went to the Southbank Centre to perform with Kinetika Bloco. Joined by the older Kinetika fellows we practised and performed a variety of pieces. There were many more trumpets, trombones, saxophones, drums, steelpans, horns…EVERYTHING! With such a range of instruments in the group, we put on an impressive show for those visiting the Royal Festival Hall when we were performing. The pieces we played included One Nation Under A Groove composed by George Clinton who happened to be in London for a gig so popped in to hear us play. What an honour! I should also mention the wonderful Baila Brazil dancers who joined in alongside our own dancers to add even more energy to the afternoon! Oh, and the energetic dance off between the two groups!

I've put earplugs in my case now!
I’ve put earplugs in my case now!

It was great to catch up with my KB friends and to be part of producing such an amazing sound. I did however learn that one of the disadvantages of being shorter than the other trumpeters was that I found my ears ringing as they were being blasted by the taller trumpets. Remind me to take my earplugs next time-I don’t want to miss out!

If you’d like to hear the main Kinetika Bloco for yourself, go along to their free show on Friday 14th August at 5:30pm in the Clore Ballroom of the Southbank Centre.


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    1. Hi Sally, thank you for commenting. I get a bit nervous before performing but once I start playing I just get into it and forget about everything else that’s going on.


  1. That sounds like such an awesome experience playing with Kinetika Bloco. Very noisy and very fun! Thanks for writing about it – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog!

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  2. What an amazing experience! Do you keep a physical diary or scrap book? Blogs are great but having a book to reflect on later in life is a great way to remember the memories you created. What is your favourite piece to perform and why? What or who inspired you to play the trumpet?

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    1. Thank you for commenting Marinda. I don’t keep a physical diary or scrapbook at the moment however I have saved programmes and things. I don’t have a favourite piece of music but I enjoy playing jazz and pieces from musicals such as Wicked.

      I wouldn’t really say I was inspired by anything in particular to play the trumpet but my mum plays clarinet and my dad plays guitar so I wanted to play something; there were spaces in the brass lessons at school so I went along to a trial lesson and was told the trumpet was my kind of instrument.


  3. Wow Hattie I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts, it’s hard to believe you’re ten years old!
    And you clearly have a real talent, as well as a great love of music.
    I do feel it is a real shame we didn’t read about any of your achievements in the school newsletters.
    It is lovely to see how much you’ve done and achieved from when you’ve started your blogs. I look forward to following you and your achievements.

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