So, in my previous post I had just received a free of charge pTrumpet from Kate at Warwick Music to review on my blog. This time, I am going to be writing about my first impressions.

As soon as I saw the pTrumpet emerge from the parcel box it was delivered in, it was obvious that I was in for a real treat. Complete with two mouthpieces (a 3c and a 5c), a lightweight case and awesome colour options, I knew that I was lucky to have been asked to review such an item. Little did I know that if I was going to fiddle with the valve casing, there was a risk that the lower components of the valve would shoot across the room! Fortunately, I spotted the spring on the floor and put it back into position before any more disasters could strike! I now know not to go absent-mindedly turning the valves and just to leave them alone!

Watch the video below to see all the parts of a pTrumpet and how they fit together. The couple of seconds from 19 secs shows the bits that flew out of my trumpet!

bendy little finger

One of the reasons my parents encouraged me towards trying out a brass instrument in 2012 instead of anything else was because I have inherited my mum’s bendy little fingers (in case you are interested, this is called Clinodactyly). As the little finger is not essential for playing the trumpet, my bendy ones cause no issues…until faced with the pTrumpet’s unique finger rest.

pTrumpet first impressions (1a)

This was an unexpected downside of the pTrumpet for me and I find it uncomfortable trying to persuade my curved finger to rest within the straight shape of the pTrumpet’s little finger rest.Although I can see the appeal of a little finger rest for most players, I’m trying to work out an alternative resting place for my weird little finger when playing my pTrumpet. I’ll post about what it’s like to play the pTrumpet soon.


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