When I first started transcribing Autumn Leaves, I did it for my own enjoyment. Little did I know that the perfect opportunity for me to perform it was just around the corner!

Joe Thompson's Primary JazzTen days ago, Joe Thompson invited me to play at the Conservatoire for the second time this year; this month’s concert was a tribute to Erroll Garner’s ‘Concert By The Sea’. Although Joe had no idea that I have been working on Autumn Leaves, when I offered him the choice of pieces I might play (Autumn Leaves or another piece I have been working on) he told me that Autumn Leaves would be perfect as it is one of the tunes featured in Garner’s famous, live album.

Here is a recording of me performing last night along with Joe Thompson on piano, Rob Rickenberg on bass and Sophie Alloway on drums. It was filmed by my friend R’s mum (R also played at the concert).

Thank you Joe for inviting me to play again – I had a great time! I’m on Instagram too. Click on the icon to follow me. Instagram


11 thoughts on “17

  1. Hi. Really impressed with your playing and posts. So much fun and joy for me, because I just started to learn how to play trumpet. Actually it’s been 5 months, but long long way to go. Would you kindly share this sheet/transcription of autumn leaves (as played by Alison Balsom of course) with me? If it’s not possible, that’s okay, but if you can, it’d be very much appreciated. Cheers.

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    1. Thanks for commenting, it’s always great to hear from other trumpeters. I’m afraid I don’t know if there are rules that mean I shouldn’t share my Autumn Leaves transcription so will be keeping it for personal use at the moment.


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