As I am in Y6, my Mum and Dad, like all other Y6 parents, have to submit my secondary application form by the end of the month. Locally there are a few schools who offer Y7 music scholarships/musical aptitude places and so I applied to be considered for one of these.

After getting past the first stage (an aural test but not anything like the ABRSM ones), I was invited back to audition. During this session I was also asked to talk about the piecesĀ I had played (Autumn Leaves and Blues for Big Ears), about why I enjoy music so much and the sorts of ensembles I’d be interested in joining at secondary school. Fifteen minutes later my audition was over, I went back to my school to take part in a tag rugby tournament and could do nothing more than to keep my fingers crossed.

On Saturday, I received a letter saying I had been offered a music place! This means I don’t have to wait until March to find out which school I will be going to in September.


P.S. Thank you to Phil Parker who gave my Mum advice over the phone on how to temporarily fix the scraping tuning slide stop rod – it did the job!

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