It’s Christmas time and at school we’ve been preparing for our Christmas performance. In Y6 we are basing our piece on WW1 because that will be our topic next term. The song, ‘Stop the Cavalry’ is the central part of our performance with actors, narrators and musicians retelling some of the the stories of Christmas in the trenches.

My role in this was, unsurprisingly, that of trumpeter (bugler)! Along with two pianists, a drummer, an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, I accompanied my classmates in their singing of the song which is a plea to Mr Churchill (then the First Lord of the Admiralty) to stop the war.

My teacher also asked me to play the Last Post after my classmates (dressed as infantry members) had been inspected. Although I’ve heard the Last Post played on Remembrance Sunday, it’s not something I’ve actually played before. It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience as I felt under pressure to get it perfect because of the emotions it represents. Another pressure is that the entire piece is played open-valved (this means none of the valves are used and it depends upon the position of my lips to alter the pitch).

Last post 2The performances went well and I received lots of compliments from audience members and teachers about my playing.


*Only because it’s my last post for 2015 and this blog entry is about performing the Last Post…

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