… and mute bags, and metronomes and silver cloths. Pouches for mouthpieces, ear plugs and pencils.

It’s the last day of January so I thought it was about time that I wrote a bit about the favourite music-related gifts I received for Christmas.

SpitballsThe first item is a mini box of Spitballs. Although they sound rather peculiar they are a quick and simple way of cleaning the lead pipe of trumpets. Ideal for those who regularly forget to give their trumpet a bath i.e. me. Personally, I’m not a fan of the smell nor the texture of these; the odour reminds me of nail varnish remover and when I pick one up, I feel as though I’m holding a particularly squidgy sponge. Yuk! In spite of those oddities I’ve found that they do an excellent job of cleaning out the lead pipe and I definitely notice a difference in the sound after using one. 🙂

Next up is Protec’s padded mute bag M400. This was given to me by my parents as my trumpet case doesn’t have any storage space so carrying my mute around is always a bit of a nuisance. Useful features include; an extra pocket at the front ( presumably for Oyster cards, phones etc.); a strap for carrying it around and a label so that if it gets lost, people can contact the owner. This mute bag is super comfy to wear and it can even be attached to my trumpet case.

metronomeI also received a clip-on metronome (thank you Grannie and Grandpa!).  This is such a cool idea as it means that I won’t have the irritating problem of my metronome constantly falling off the music stand OR getting in the way of my music. Although I haven’t entirely figured  out everything it does yet, I find this really useful for my daily practice. The model that I have is the SEIKO Digital Metronome DM51.

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  1. I wonder if you can taste it when you play? I’ve commented on your blog before and I’m glad that you are keeping up with it. I admire that you are sharing your passion with the world! Well done ;0)

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