At the end of February I was honoured to be both bridesmaid and trumpeter for my cousin, Hannah. This was no ordinary wedding; it took place at Henry VIII’s childhood home, Eltham Palace.

The ceremony was held in the Great Hall and my sister, the groom’s niece and I led Hannah and her father down the aisle to meet Phil. Once they were officially married, Mark Armstrong (who I ย first met at Blackheath this time last year) and his quartet played jazz standards for everyone to enjoy with canapes and drinks in the domed entrance hall.

At approximately half 5, the guests took their seats in the Great Hall for dinner. Meanwhile, I was led up the stairs and through numerous corridors to the Minstrels Gallery where I was to play my trumpet. I chose to play Prelude by Marc-Antoine Charpentier as I felt it would be a fitting piece to herald the arrival of the newly wed couple. Traditionally, this piece is accompanied by piano but on this occasion, I would be playing solo therefore it was necessary for me to do a bit of arranging to make it work. I felt trusted to be asked to play at Hannah & Phil’s wedding so I’m pleased it went well.

The guests seemed to have appreciated my playing as they burst into applause at the end of the piece. I’m not sure how many of them realised it was me up there as I couldn’t be seen over the balcony!

Thank you to Salt Photography for the photos of my trumpet and me.

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20 thoughts on “26

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your post. I think you’re very talented and am impressed with how well you’ve written this. I look forward to read more and hopefully hear you playing soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, Hana

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  2. Great blog Hattie and well done for playing solo at such an important event. Bet it you were excited and nervous at the same time. Keep playing and enjoy xx

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    1. Thank you Mrs Francis, you’re absolutely right about having mixed feelings; it was nerve wracking but no one could see me so it didn’t matter!


  3. Beautiful writing. All the best weddings have personal touches and your music must have been a very special part of the day. You make the arrangement and performance sound easy, but I can’t believe it was. Well done!

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  4. With every piece I read your writing gets better and better. I can only imagine what it felt like to play at such an important event. Keep up the great work.

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  5. Extremely well written H. You have a knack of making everything sound effortless when we all know how much you put into everything you do, well done lovey.

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  6. I wish I was getting married so you could play at my wedding. I love all the descriptive language you use in your blog, it really helps the reader feel like they are there with you. I bet everyone was really proud of you. Looking forward to reading the next instalment. As soon as the blog section is ready on my website, I’m going to add you as a ‘MGF Favourite’. Helen ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I got married at Eltham Palace too – I wish you could have played for us too! Great piece that brought back lots of happy memories for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Wow Dizzytrumpeter – you are a pretty impressive 11yo. Most of my 30something yo friends would not be brave enough or have the eloquence to play a write as you have.

    It’s a joy to see that you value what is genuinely precious and pursue it.

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