20160430_144412A couple of weeks ago I auditioned for Junior Trinity and, almost a week later received the news that I’ve been offered a place.

I can’t wait for September!

Forgot to say, one of the pieces I played was Autumn Leaves. You can hear me playing it in this post.


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    1. Thank you! No, I didn’t go to baby music but enjoyed listening to music at church from when I was little. At nursery, the brilliant headteacher, Ms Carter-Moore, did singing with us once a week and in Y2, the whole class had recorder lessons (sadly this doesn’t happen any more). I’ve written more about music lessons in the ‘about me’ page.

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  2. Just heard you play with Jo on your blog that is so fantastic. My 9 year old plays piano drums recorder and did do flute but her music teacher for recorder and flute doesn’t inspire her like her piano and drum teachers so she’s losing interest. You obviously had very encouraging teachers and wish our bubs would want to take it up( a easier instrument to carry around) her dad is the biggest Miles Davis fan as well. Well done very inspirational


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