This year I played with Kinetika Bloco for the second time and it was just as fun and lively as last year’s junior summer school. However, the group had grown this year with many more young musicians like myself joining this amazing community of people – 120 people playing samba and jazz together. Three of them were recruited by me! Michael and Leon joined me in the brass section whilst Charlie learned to play the surdo with the drummers.

KB2016 Collage 2

2016 is Kinetika Bloco’s 15th birthday which is a huge achievement and to celebrate, there were limited edition t-shirts printed in a variety of colours. The cost of the t-shirts (which was optional) was the only thing that had to be paid for; taking part in the junior summer school was completely free! Thank you to the Arts Council, Youth Music and all the other organisations that provide funding for such a great opportunity – I doubt I’d be playing samba on my trumpet if it wasn’t for Kinetika.

I’d definitely recommend the junior summer school to brass players aged 9 and up, even if they can only play a few notes.




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  1. Well done Dizzy ! It was a fabulous week and an amazing experience. Thanks for the tip. Charlie also has his own blog (for about two years now) but he has lost interest……..I will show him yours and try to get him inspired…….it worked with Kinetica !!!!!!!

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