This blog post is all about what I have been getting up to recently. This term has been my first term at Junior Trinity,  the start of  Y7 and many more exciting opportunities.

Junior Trinity has been full of new pieces, new friends and new challenges. With my new teacher, Bruce Nockles, I have continued to study jazz grades (ABRSM) and am now working for my gimg_20170128_190636rade 5 exam which is coming up in March. The pieces that I have chosen to play are from the AB Real Book: Charleston, Samba Dancer and Mandela. Although I have found the pieces in themselves easy enough to pick up, my biggest challenge has probably been to produce an amazing solo with original melodies but also pinching ideas from my piece of music. As 2016-12-17-13-05-51well as having lessons, I attend a brass quintet (consisting of two trumpets, two French horns and a tuba) as well as a musicianship class (theory, dictation, improvisation) and the equal voices choir. I have performed twice with Junior Trinity ensembles; once at LSO St Luke’s with the equal voices choir and once on a frosty Saturday morning, busking at the Cutty Sark.

A few weeks into Y7, I performed with the school orchestra at the local theatre. This was for the school prizegiving evening. At the end of the autumn term we performed lots of carols and other festive pieces for the Christmas concert.

Recently, I performed at Mountsfield Park with a group of local young brass players that I had put together as a brass band. We had three trumpets, a tenor horn and a cornet* and all of us enjoyed playing Good King Wenceslas (thank you to Dave Howell for the arrangement) as much as I think the audience enjoyed hearing us. Two of the trumpeters and the tenor horn player (my sister!) are aged 7 and had only had 8 lessons. It was great fun and I hope we have a chance to do it next year with even more of us playing than before!

The Mountsfield Park mini brass band. Photo credit: Joe Atwere

*The cornet player is my pupil; once a week he comes to me for an extra lesson so I can help him work on the things his music teacher has given him to practise. I’m enjoying this and would be happy to take on another pupil or two…

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  1. Great to hear you’re off to a flying start at your new school and at Trinity! Here’s hoping 2017 is a year full of music and fun for you! Claire J (a Brindishe mum)

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    1. Thank you! I’ve just picked some music for this year’s carols in the community garden and have had the first couple of practices – see you there!


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