I had a bit of a mishap with my trumpet case recently; the polystyrene inside of the case collapsed!

Credit: Stories by Sarah

My mum emailed B&S and Lyndon Chapman (UK sales manager) responded within hours. Lyndon mentioned how this was a rare occurrence for B&S cases but that if I were to go to Phil Parker in Camden (where I bought my trumpet) then they would replace it under warranty. I rang up and talked to Will who advised me to bring in my case for them to assess the damage.

Credit: Stories by Sarah

On Saturday I did exactly that and received excellent customer service from Hugh who immediately exchanged my old case for a new one. As I walk to school and Junior Trinity with my case on my back and find it quite bulky, I decided to take the opportunity to look at some smaller ones. I found a compact, silver JW Eastman case which I quickly fell in love with and that fitted my trumpet like a glove. I then bought the case with money I had earned from teaching so now get to choose which case to use on which occasion.

My new case (and me!) have been expertly photographed for this post by the wonderful Sarah of Stories by Sarah. To see more of her work, check out her website and Instagram. See more of the photos Sarah took of my trumpet and me on Instagram by clicking on this icon:  Instagram


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