My mum was sent this article by a member of Mummy’s Gin Fund to pass on to me. When I read it, I thought it was highly sexist and, from my experience, not at all accurate. I’d love to hear your opinions on it…



3 thoughts on “34

  1. What an idiotic notion to say that certain instruments should only be played by people of certain genders. Each musician should choose the instrument which most suits them, regardless of gender. I played the French horn when I was younger and it felt like just the right instrument for me- at times, loud and boistrous, at times, smoothe and lyrical. you bring your personality to your instrument, gender should have little to do with it. Such generalizations are extremely unhelpful and only serve to limit and inhibit people from expressing themselves creatively! Keep playing and ignore the idiots! Enjoy the music!!!

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  2. Hattie I completely agree. How sexist is this? Men and woman can do anything they want and we should not be constrained by thoughts that one sex is better than the other at certain activities. Just enjoy what you are doing x

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