My trumpet & me

How it all started…

At the start of Y2, my whole class had recorder lessons once a week through Lewisham Music Service. I enjoyed learning to play the recorder and after only 5 lessons I played in the children’s Christmas band at my church. A few months later I was invited to join lunchtime recorder lessons with some of the Y3 children as I had made good progress.

Towards the end of Y2 there were spaces available for children to learn a brass instrument at school. As my front eight adult teeth were properly through, I was allowed to try out for brass lessons. Before he met me, Simon Suter (the brass teacher) said he thought I might be too young but later that day he told my parents I would make a good trumpeter. I started group lessons soon afterwards on a Jupiter 300S from Dawkes Music (my Mum’s friend Rosie told her this would be a good trumpet to buy) and took grade 2 a year later. In April 2015, I upgraded my trumpet to a B&S 3137S. You can read about it in this post.

When & where I played during primary school…

Once a week, at school, I had a 30min lesson where I played pieces, scales and technical exercises. In my lessons I  focused on different genres of music for instance one week I might play and practise jazz scales/pieces and the next week I might do traditional scales and pieces. I had group lessons until I took G4 but as my school decided to change how music lesson groups were organised i.e. by age instead of playing level, I ended up in a group of four, two of whom were beginners. When my trumpet teacher (Dave Howell) offered to stay to teach me in a 1:1 lesson, my parents accepted the offer.

On Saturdays, I went to the Lewisham Music Centre where I played my trumpet in the  Advanced Jazz Band (last year I played in the Intermediate Jazz Band and the Sinfonia). Each group lasts approx 1hr and is jampacked with fun tunes to play. In the IJB I was been introduced to improvisation which is something I’ve been doing more of recently. If you are looking for somewhere to go for affordable, fun music sessions then I’d definitely recommend the Lewisham Music Hub activities.

When & where I play now…

In the Spring I auditioned for a place at Junior Trinity and was delighted to be offered a place. I started there in September so my Saturday mornings are busy with brass quintet, an individual lesson with Bruce Nockles, singing in the mixed voices choir and learning music theory in the musicianship class. I now practice for approximately 40 minutes per day (except on the day I attend the school orchestra rehearsal!).

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8 thoughts on “My trumpet & me

  1. Well done for taking those Year 2 recorder lessons and running with them- I remember them well from teaching the Y2 class next door to you.
    And thanks for all the details about the classes- good to know what’s available.
    Keep it up (both writing and playing!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Gracie. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too – life on a farm is probably quite different to here in Lewisham! Hattie.


  2. Hi Hattie, I love your blog! I don’t play the trumpet, but I do play piano and flute (and a little bit of guitar and violin). Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see what else you write!


    P.S. love the cubic theme!

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  3. Hattie, I’ve just loved reading about you playing at Eltham Palace. It’s a great blog, I will tell Erin about it. She will see you at Secondary school in September. Keep on trumpeting! Love Nykki X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nykki, I’m looking forward to September – Erin is the only person I know who’s going to the same school as me!


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